Your guest bathroom may mainly serve as an extra bathroom, but it can also become a
dedicated space for guests when they are staying with you. This means your personal
bathroom is not the only washroom which demands consideration! Here are our
favourite ways of adding luxury to your guest bathroom, helping you leave a great last

Fresh Towels 

Setting aside your best and most luxurious towels to use in your guest bathroom is
definitely a must. Get thick, luxurious towels and place them where your guests can find
them easily. Be quirky and perhaps use crates or shelves to stack them up neatly, along
with some face cloths and fresh hand towels. Using brightly coloured towels in a neutral
room will also brighten up the whole space, adding a great personal and stylish touch
for your guests.


Stock the vanity with anything short- or long-term guests might need. Include cotton
balls, cotton swabs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, face and body lotion , shampoo and
conditioner, new razors, shaving cream and feminine products. Set out a nice-smelling
hand soap for an extra touch.


Everyone likes the smell of fresh flowers! Adding a bunch can brighten up the whole
bathroom whilst leaving a gorgeous, natural scent which will linger for days, your guests
will definitely be impressed.

Pretty extras

Make your guests feel special by adding pretty extras to your guest bathroom. From a
fresh robe and brand new slippers, to lovely candles and air diffusers, these little
touches will make the world of a difference to your guests. Also help brighten up the
bathroom by adding in that gorgeous new shower curtain you’ve had your eye on for a