Garden rooms are a great addition to any house and often provide many uses as well as adding further value to your home.

From a gym to your very own bar, here are some creative ideas in utilising your garden room space!


AirBnb/guest room

Got friends and family coming over? Your garden room could be perfect for any upcoming visitors you may have. You could also turn your garden room into an Airbnb and make some extra money on the side. This would be absolutely ideal for a development like Sand Banks, Pembrokeshire were tourists are always looking to snap up rooms for their stay!

Home spa

Relax, unwind and de-stress by fitting a home sauna or steam room in your garden room. Be as creative as you can and turn it into your very own sanctuary! No need to spend money on spa weekends when it could be just a couple of steps away!

Games room

Whether it’s for your children or for you, turn the garden room into a fun entertainment/games room. From a pool table to old school arcade machines, you’ll be guaranteed to have a lot of fun!


Work out at your own pace with your very own home gym! You don’t necessarily need a lot of expensive gym equipment, but just enough space to allow yourself to workout (yoga, stretches etc) in the comfort of your own home!


Who doesn’t love a good bar?! Why not turn your garden room into your very own private bar? This one will definitely wow any guests you have and is ideal for getting together without having to leave the house!