For many, a coffee table is a staple piece of furniture when it comes to your interior decor. From minimal to statement piece, a coffee coffee serves the opportunity to be a great conversation starter. Our decorating tips will help you add that extra flair, helping you integrate the fabulous coffee table into your decor.

Be original

It’s your house, your style, so be creative! Don’t be afraid to go bold, your coffee table could
serve as a good conversation starter for when friends and family come over. There are plenty of
quirky coffee tables which cater to everyone’s interior style and taste. Have a good shop around
and find one that suits your personality!

Quirky coffee table interiors

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are elegant and they will leave your room smelling divine! No spray or air
diffuser can beat the scent of fresh flowers, so use that to your advantage. Including colourful
flowers will also add a ‘burst’ of personality which will brighten up the whole room and add a feel of
elegant luxury to your coffee table.

Fresh flowers on coffee table

Use a statement piece

From a funky vase to a quirky bowl or even a single candle, you don’t have to over decorate to
make your coffee table stand out. A statement piece could be as little or large as you want it.
Leonardo da Vinci rightly put it by saying, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Candles on coffee table interiors

Books and magazines 
Nothing ever beats a good fashion book or magazine! Bold books and pretty magazines are a
great way of dressing up your coffee table and are useful for when your guests are also interested in interiors or fashion.
Nothing screams luxury like Tom Ford, Vogue or Chanel… 

Books on coffee table styling


Using trays is a great way of creating an enclosed area for you to use and keep all your
favourite pieces looking tidy and organised. Choose from mirrored, coloured and patterned trays
to add a stylish dimension to your coffee table.

Trays on coffee table

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