Take a Shine to metallic Tones

Take a Shine to
metallic Tones

▌ Have you always loved metallic tones but were scared to try them in your own home?

Don’t be! Here are some tips to get you started:

Tip #1 You CAN mix metals in the same space. In fact, it’s encouraged! The big tip here is to make one metal type dominant, and accessorise it with other metals. If gold is your favorite, have most accents in that and add in some silver, bronze, etc. as accents.

Tip #2 Trends come and go, so BUY WHAT YOU LOVE. You’ll never be disappointed. Don’t buy copper just because it’s ‘on trend’ if you don’t love it. Go with what makes your heart sing, and you’ll never regret that purchase.

Tip #3 Mixing metallics with natural elements keeps the metals from feeling overdone and creates a wonderful balance. Metals look gorgeous with natural fibers and other elements such as woven baskets, woollen blankets, wood, and glass.

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